Development of Chiller

Development of Chiller

Our company’s temperature controller business department conducts the engineering of the temperature controller design and development. Regarding the production, we outsource the work to companies that specializes in production. We do the same in our branch companies in Taiwan, Korea, and China as well. We received development request from a leading device company and developed a chiller with a cascade refrigerator unit. Here are our original chillers.

The first feature of our chiller is the Internet chiller (IOT Chiller) Patent pending

Since we manage the parameterization of DC inverter compressor operation and electronic expansion valve, we can manage the readjustment of the parameter remotely by accessing to the chiller via the Internet. Additionally, checking the log data enables you to conduct fault diagnosis remotely. Now, it is possible to do fault diagnosis and to readjust without visiting the site.

The second feature of our chiller is energy conservation Our areal parameter control typed hybrid chiller is patented (Patent No. 5762493)

Manage the coolant circulation rate suitable with loads by the DC inverter compressor Manage the coolant evaporation temperature suitable with preset temperatures by the electronic expansion valve By managing the parameter of the coolant circulation rate and freezing effect depending on each preset temperature, we can implement advanced energy conservation than mere energy saving by hot gas.

The third feature of our chiller is the management of the production and quality by specialized companies

We outsource our chiller production and quality control to specialized companies. (We specialize in engineering.) Even for overseas production, we outsource to cooperative enterprises in Taiwan, Korea, and China. It is possible to receive design and development requests.

Introduction of Our Internet Chillers

You can access the chiller via the Internet if you use VPN routers etc. Since the DC inverter compressor and electronic expansion valve are used in the chiller, it is possible to readjust by remote operation if any defect occurs, therefore you don’t need to visit the site.

In case of WiFi enabled VPN routers, it is not necessary to use your intracompany network. It is safe in the aspect of security since you only need to connect to the Internet only when it is necessary.

The log data of operation state remains in our chillers, and it is possible to import the log data to the PC by accessing the chillers with drag and drop. Therefore, you can prevent defects in the bud by checking the logs regularly.